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Re [2]:

From: Benita Cook
Subject: Re [2]:
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 23:40:13 +0200

She killed him. Easter Poetry It was the trooper.

"Oh why in Christ's name are you doing this asshole Horatio-at-the-bridge act and who in Christ's name are you trying to impress? He looked unbelievingly down at himself. "She took one step toward him. ""Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies. Now that he was dead, Paul could look at him. Even the stupidest swain could grasp the symbolism — the hero had been saved by God. If Misery Chastain had been a real person, he knew he might very well have been called upon "to aid the police in their inquiries", as the euphemism went. Yes, it's great.

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