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re [11]

From: Olin Krueger
Subject: re [11]
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 22:29:26 -0400

"every time she brought it down again. come on! let's keep the ball rolling! "Misery?

In the ashtray was a book of matches, but there was only one match in it — all she had allowed him. Never. A little more. Dugan was quite unremarkable save for one thing: he looked like Annie's father. ""Annie — "You know what they want? The snow-storm to which Paul had awakened the day after his expedition to the bathroom had gone on for two days — there had been at least eighteen inches of new fall, and heavy drifting. "The dreaded effword was out before he could help it, but this time it didn't seem to matter — she was looking at him respectfully, and with not a little awe. Community service

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