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2.0.26 released

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: 2.0.26 released
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 22:50:40 +0100
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This version is almost exclusively composed of changes by Michael
Albinus.  Great work, Michael!

This version supports `plugins' for foreign completion methods, so to
speak.  The previous special-casing for Ange-FTP was removed and is
now factored out into its own file.

A new plugin for using smbclient has been added.  This means you can
use Tramp to access remote SMB servers -- isn't that cool?  (I don't
have an SMB server to access, but I think it's cool.)

And then there are some minor changes in order to fix bugs.

Alas, I haven't had time (yet!) to incorporate Francis' patch for
VC/CVS support.  Sorry, Francis.

Also, I'm wondering whether people who have observed bugs before could
try this version.  I'm afraid there's no way around investigating the
bug regarding Ange-FTP, it won't go away magically.  But there is
always hope :-)

Pick it up from Savannah.  It should also be available from (no passive ftp) and from (host name will change, mirror
happens some hours from now).

Let the bug reports flow!

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