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Re: TLF - feature request

From: Drew Arnett
Subject: Re: TLF - feature request
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2023 07:12:58 +0000

Interesting.  I"ve used call history files (sometimes shared for
various events on the N1MM files website).  Nice to type in a callsign
and have exchange fields prefilled using the call history, though I
listen really closely to see that the information this year is the
same or if something changed.  (Some events seems to have a lot more
changes vs past years in the exchange than others.)  Definitely a fun
feature to have in a contest logger.

I hadn't thought about what you proposed, but it sounds like a great
idea.  Type in some uniquely identifying part of the exchange and then
using a reverse lookup from the call history data have the callsign
field prefilled.  Nice.  And I like the idea of showing multiple
possibles just like SCP does when a partial callsign has been entered.

+1 for trying out new ideas and innovations.


On Thu, Mar 16, 2023 at 1:09 PM Martin Kratoska <> wrote:
> Hi Tom & al,
> a nice addition to the tlf would be the reverse call lookup. Assumed
> that a Club contest where a part of exchange is the membership number
> and the user has an initial exchage file, the membership number preceded
> with a dedicated character (# in this example) written into Call field
> will cause the Call field will be filled with the Call and the initial
> exchange will appear as a prefill in the exchange field.
> It may seem unclear and complicated, better would be an example:
> FOC Marathon (exchange is RST and Membership number), there is also an
> initial exchange (present in the directory) like this:
> ...
> LA3FL,1480
> N2UU,1483
> SM6BGA,1484
> G4BUO,1486
> N4UB,1490
> VK6LW,1492
> OQ3R,1493
> K2SG,1494
> KN0V,1496
> ...
> When I hear exchange with membership number 1492 I can write #1492 into
> Call field (# is the dedicated character), the text #1492 will be
> replaced with call VK6LW when the dupe check is performed (with spacebar
> or so).
> This can save sometimes a lot of time, namely when the contestant takes
> the event more like a party than a contest, ie. his QSO is longer
> because he gives out something more than a bare exchange.
> If more callsigns are assigned to a particular member (here VK6LW can be
> also VK6T,1492) the first call (as ordered in the initial exchage file)
> appears in the Call field and other (alternative) calls should appear in
> the SCP list.
> Of course, a number WITHOUT the dedicated character should be
> interpreted as frequency to that the radio should be tuned. Example:
> 1833 typed into Call field should tune the radio to 1833 kHz, #1833 will
> NOT tune but DJ4KW will appear in the Call field.
> Any ideas?
> 73,
> Martin, OK1RR

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