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TLF - feature request

From: Martin Kratoska
Subject: TLF - feature request
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2023 13:41:50 +0100
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Hi Tom & al,

a nice addition to the tlf would be the reverse call lookup. Assumed that a Club contest where a part of exchange is the membership number and the user has an initial exchage file, the membership number preceded with a dedicated character (# in this example) written into Call field will cause the Call field will be filled with the Call and the initial exchange will appear as a prefill in the exchange field.

It may seem unclear and complicated, better would be an example:
FOC Marathon (exchange is RST and Membership number), there is also an initial exchange (present in the directory) like this:

When I hear exchange with membership number 1492 I can write #1492 into Call field (# is the dedicated character), the text #1492 will be replaced with call VK6LW when the dupe check is performed (with spacebar or so).

This can save sometimes a lot of time, namely when the contestant takes the event more like a party than a contest, ie. his QSO is longer because he gives out something more than a bare exchange.

If more callsigns are assigned to a particular member (here VK6LW can be also VK6T,1492) the first call (as ordered in the initial exchage file) appears in the Call field and other (alternative) calls should appear in the SCP list.

Of course, a number WITHOUT the dedicated character should be interpreted as frequency to that the radio should be tuned. Example: 1833 typed into Call field should tune the radio to 1833 kHz, #1833 will NOT tune but DJ4KW will appear in the Call field.

Any ideas?

Martin, OK1RR

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