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Re: Can you prevent mode switching?

From: Thomas Beierlein
Subject: Re: Can you prevent mode switching?
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2021 07:18:40 +0200

Am Thu, 28 Oct 2021 05:03:06 -0500
schrieb Nate Bargmann <>:

> * On 2021 28 Oct 01:01 -0500, Thomas Beierlein wrote:
> > - Add a new keyword as suggested above.
> > - On bandswitch record not only the old frequency but also the
> > mode. So TLF may start with turning the rig to CW on first start
> > but remember later any changes made directly at the trx.  
> I would ask that even this setting not be performed when the new
> keyword is present.  With the keyword present, Tlf should be
> "passive", only changing its logging mode but not sending any mode
> change to the radio.
> 73, Nate

From my point of view it makes no sense to have both. Either have a
keyword or remember the last mode.

We can put it on the ToDO list.

73, de Tom

"Do what is needful!"
Ursula LeGuin: Earthsea

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