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Re: Hamlib keying

From: Onno VK6FLAB
Subject: Re: Hamlib keying
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 06:31:17 +0800

Hi Christoph,

Out of interest, why did you not add hamlib functionality to cwdaemon instead?

On Mon, 25 Oct 2021 at 06:05, Christoph Berg <> wrote:

I've been poking around with adding support for CW keying via Hamlib
to Tlf. I have it somewhat working. :)

Basically the status is:

    * Hamlib keyer is activated by HAMLIB_KEYER keyword
    * CW sending works
    * setting CW speed works
    * reading CW speed from rig (when adjusted via knob or menu) works

    * rig CW support is detected by rig type, but should be queried from the
      actual rig (makes a difference with rigctld)
    * aborting CW doesn't work yet
    * less than ideal interaction with the cw speed stepping in Tlf
    * no other keyer commands (pitch etc) supported yet

I've been reading through

and I don't have a solution for implementing in-message speed changes
yet (+++TEST---), but if it turns out not to be feasible, I'd think
having the general feature would still be nice - less cables, and the
ability to turn the keyer speed knob on my IC7610 and having Tlf pick
that up is already nice.

One problem I have is the baroque handing of CW speed in Tlf:

#define CW_SPEEDS       "06121416182022242628303234363840424446485060"
                        /*< speed string with 2 chars each (in WPM) */

What's the reasoning behind that? Storing the desired WPM in a plain
integer would be much cleaner, and PgUp/PgDn could still adjust the
speed in 2-wpm steps instead of doing string mangling all the time.

Christoph DF7CB

73, de Onno VK6FLAB

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