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[Tlf-devel] RAC contests

From: Adam Clark
Subject: [Tlf-devel] RAC contests
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2019 09:32:27 -0700

Hi all!

I was curious to know if tlf has the ability to automatically handle all the 
scoring of the 2 RAC (Canadian) contests, RAC Canada Day, and RAC Winter 
Contest.  Both contests have similar rules & scoring.

I am attaching the rules that I just utilized this past weekend for the Canada 
Day contest, along with the multipliers file and the logcfg.dat file (the 
rules file is "canadaday").

Beyond a minor issue that I reported earlier with the git version of tlf not 
doing the multipliers appropriately, the one item that I was not able to 
figure out if it's possible to do in tlf were the 20 point stations V**RAC.

There is also one other item relating to multipliers: "Certain special 
Canadian prefixes in use at the time of the contest may also apply; however 
there may be no more than 13 multipliers on each band/mode."  I was not aware 
which prefixes at the time would count, if any, but if I were really serious 
about the contest, I'd probably want to have a limiting rule in tlf for 
"maximum multipliers per band/mode".  

The rules for each of these contests is:

If it's possible to sort these out, I'd love to contribute the RAC rules 
file(s) to the project.

One further question in relation to this, too - is it possible to add in 
options to the cabrillo.fmt file (or elsewhere) that will determine which 
questions TLF will ask for the cabrillo tags when doing a :wri ?

For example, in these RAC contests, they have no use for a variety of the 
CATEGORY-OVERLAY, OFFTIME and DEBUG.  So, if it were possible to include that 
configuration with the contest config somehow, it would help streamline that 
part of the process.

The RAC contest Cabrillo specifications are at:


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