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Re: [Tlf-devel] Issues with contest scoring w/git code, OK w/ ver

From: Thomas Beierlein
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] Issues with contest scoring w/git code, OK w/ version in opensuse
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2019 07:36:52 +0200

Hi Adam,

Am Tue, 02 Jul 2019 16:59:49 -0700
schrieb Adam Clark <address@hidden>:

> Hi all,
> When exporting my Canada Day log to cabrillo, I noticed that tlf
> wasn't paying much attention to multipliers - one on each band
> instead of the correct counts.  This was with the git version of tlf.
thanks for the bug report. It is really helpful to get feedback from
TLF users. We will look into it. 

> When I loaded up the old stable, the multipliers seemed fine and the
> score seemed fine.

You mean the 1.2.4 version?

Other distros have 1.3.2 stable in meantime.
> I'm attaching (hopefully all of) the relevant files - "canadaday" is
> actually in a subfolder "rules/" so, "rules/canadaday".  
> I can provide further information if anyone wants screenshots of what
> each version of tlf looks like with this data.
Thanks. But I hope that the given information is enough. 

73, de Tom DL1JBE.

"Do what is needful!"
Ursula LeGuin: Earthsea

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