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[Tlf-devel] Voice keyer

From: Rob Vance
Subject: [Tlf-devel] Voice keyer
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 19:37:23 -0700

The TLF man page states:

":SOUnd  The  SOUND recorder is a utility to record the voice keyer mes‐
       sages and ..."

So when I execute the :SOU command I get the screen to control this and
the manual explains...

" F1 ... F12, s, c will record the voice keyer message for that key.

       1:   Start contest recording to

       2:   Stop contest recording

       3:   Play back contest recording ddhh[mm][xx]  "

So I hit F1 and TLF begins recording the F1 message; this works just
fine.  The files are recorded.

But how do I get it to stop recording?  I've tried hitting 2, ESC,
Ctrl-C (which works but is inconsistent), backspace - what's the trick?

Also, I posted a message last December about a difficulty in getting the
F12/AUTO CQ function to work in voice mode.  This functionality is
inconsistent; it will work with some voice files, and with others it
won't.  I am still playing with this to figure out if there is a
relationship between CQDelay, the length of the audio track, the format
of the audio track, etc.

BTW: the sox player seems to struggle with short audio tracks.  The
player seems to retain parts of previous tracks; the result is a partial
"mixing" of tracks.  This happens when using sox from the command line
as well; not just TLF.  I am still experimenting with this.

Rob, N6ROB

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