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Re: [Tlf-devel] TLF Questions

From: Rein Couperus PA0R
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] TLF Questions
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 09:38:04 +0100

You just make the terminal 1 line larger.... some terminals are 24 lines
others 25. Tlf needs 25. So the line is there, you don't see it. Enlarge
the terminal and you are in business.
There are ways (e.g. in KDE) to make terminals start with a preset
number of lines, depending on your distribution. That is a KDE or GNOME
function, tlf just generates a display of 25 lines by 80 columns.. You
have to adjust your terminal to fit that.
The normal way for tlf is to start autocq with enter or F12.
The NOAUTOCQ was introduced because some folks wanted to switch it off.

What is the exact error with ctrl-G? It works fine on my ORION.
It works only when there is info in the spot window...
Does the OMNI qsy when you type in a random qrg? E.g. 3515 should qsy
the rig to 3515.  Does tlf display the TRX frequency? Does ctl-f work?
If it is a specific OMNI problem you are lucky, as I have to prepare my
OMNI for use with hamlib (I want to use it for ALE in PSKmail), so I
will test it with tlf. Earlier versions of tlf have always worked
without problem with my OMNI, I have tested the later versions only with
the ORION...


Rein Pa0R

On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 19:59 -0500, Ed wrote:
> Maybe I'm just missing something quite obvious or I'm not going about 
> this the correct way. I am missing the last line in the terminal, the 
> one that shows country information. How do I get this to work ? Is there 
> a file somewhere I need to edit ? cty.dat ?
> The only way I can get enter to send the CQ message is to comment out 
> noautocq, why is this ? Or was the app written to function this way ? F1 
> functions correctly either way.
> Like Will, I cannot get ctrl-g to work. I'm using a TT Omni VI and have 
> set hamlib and logcfg to the correct parameters. What am I doing wrong 
> here ?
> TLF 9.23-Debian/sarge-Gnome 2.8
> Ed W3NR
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