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R: [Tlf-devel] Re: Notes from HB9OK

From: hb9fbl
Subject: R: [Tlf-devel] Re: Notes from HB9OK
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 19:19:20 +0100

>>> - refresh of the zone windows is a little bit weird if it's over
>>> cluster window
>>I have plans for another zone display, like CT (Alt-G to switch
>>countries and zones) I have it working for arrl-ss and all section

TR does this. It changes between countries and zones. 

>>> - INSERT/OVERWRITE when modifying the call (the default is to
>>> overwrite, but all the ops were not happy with that)
>>o.k. did you know you can change from overwrite to insert by hitting
>>INSERT key while you are editing the call?

Yes, sure! Normally, when you press INSERT you are supposed to be
able to insert chars from where you have the cursor.... well... it
seems that it is not like this...

>>> - If you write the CALL and Press ENTER you have to enter the
>>> but if you need to erase all the entries you need to press TAB and
>>> ESC. It is possible to press ESC-ESC instead of TAB-ESC in order
>>> erase the call ?
>>Good Idea... is possible

With the first ESC you go back to the call area, with the second ESC
you erase all the field. 

With those mods... TLF will be perfect.

73 de chris hb9fbl

>>Now if I would get some more spare time.....
>>tnx for the comments Chris..
>>73, Rein PA0R

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