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[Tlf-devel] Re: Notes from HB9OK

From: rein couperus PA0R
Subject: [Tlf-devel] Re: Notes from HB9OK
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 18:01:28 +0100

On Thursday 30 October 2003 11:33, you wrote:
> Hello Rein , some comments on TLF after the CQWW as HB9OK (Multi/2)
> Remarks:
> --------
> - refresh of the zone windows is a little bit weird if it's over the
> cluster window

I have plans for another zone display, like CT (Alt-G to switch between 
countries and zones) I have it working for arrl-ss and all section based 
> - after some hours of contest, the ncurses interface displays strange
> things, like a number close to the zone field or, worst, some lines
> are not displayed correctly (moved up or down on the screen).

this can easily be corrected with ctrl-p / escape (screen is rewritten).
the cause is a variable overrun.
The part generating this will be completely rewritten next winter.

> - a couple of times tlf suggested a strange value for the zone, like
> a big number or special chars.

I hope this one is gone now, I have done some work on it yesterday. 
The spot array was running out of bounds....

> - when we wrote, for example, ":SPORT" instead of ":SPOT", we went
> into the cluster window, but not always we were able to go back into
> TLF.

This is also related to the overflow of the spot array, should be o.k. now

> - INSERT/OVERWRITE when modifying the call (the default is to
> overwrite, but all the ops were not happy with that)

o.k. did you know you can change from overwrite to insert by hitting the 
INSERT key while you are editing the call?

> - If you write the CALL and Press ENTER you have to enter the Zone,
> but if you need to erase all the entries you need to press TAB and
> ESC. It is possible to press ESC-ESC instead of TAB-ESC in order to
> erase the call ?

Good Idea... is possible
> - Rate is a little too ambiguous.... I got rate of 600 during a short
> pile-up (dxcluster effect) but that is a bit too much, I think.

This is a matter of integer calculation.... I can certainly change that.
Tlf takes the number of qso's per last 10 minutes and multiplies by 6 :-)

> Feature requests:
> -----------------
> - how do I change colors ?

You cannot at the moment. If you got funny colours, (not like on the website). 
you had the TERM variable wrong. Right values are:

TERM=linux for Konsole (KDE)
TERM=rxvt for an rxvt
TERM=xterm for an xterm  The xterm gives you funny colours, I have not found 
out how to do this properly. Best bet is rxvt.
I could of course make the colours variable, so you can choose from the 8 
standard colours. This is planned for the complete overhaul (C -> C++) 
planned for this winter. 
BTW, I think the present colour scheme is about optimal...

> - better support for MS/M2, like put the station ID (A,B,C,..) just
> after the serial number (like TR does, if I remember correctly).

I will look into this.
> - As for post-contest: TR has a multiplier check in post.exe that
> tells you if the zone is wrong.  That would be a nice feature.

I am planning to write a suit of programs for pre/post contest analysis...
A mult check will be part of it.
> Nice to have:
> -------------
> - run 2 or 3 tlf sessions on the same machine, using ssh or telnet to
> connect. I tried once (with 0.8.19 i think) but with no success.

You can run more than 1 session on 1 machine (I often use tlf also for 
converse..) but I have no idea yet how to make them communicate via udp...
This will be studied.... any suggestions are welcome.
> - a special feature that "sync" a log of one pc with the other pc on
> the network. We don't always have a reliable link between the two pc.

It's on the list...
> BTW: no problem compiling tlf 0.9.x under Slackware 9.1 (i tried
> 0.9.3, 0.9.4 and, this morning, 0.9.5 under Slack9.1 on my WMWare)
You were lucky, yesterday evening's version of 9.5 did not compile :-)

Now if I would get some more spare time.....

tnx for the comments Chris..

73, Rein PA0R
> 73 de chris hb9fbl

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