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Re: [Tlf-devel] One problem

From: rein couperus PA0R
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] One problem
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 10:40:05 +0200

Hello Helmut....

I guess you are using the new version 0.9.3

As from this version the contest-specific content of logcfg.dat has moved to 
a separate rules file. These rules files are installed by tlf in /usr/local/
share/tlf/rules. This separation was an idea of LZ3NY, and has some clear 
advantages. You can now have 1 standard logcfg.dat to take care of your 
system configuration (ports, networking addresses etc) and smaller, separate 
rules files which are contest specific. The rules files contain the messages, 
the multipliers etc.

You must do the following:
1.:     Copy /usr/local/share/tlf/logcfg.dat into your working directory. This 
the short version you use together with the rules file
2.:   Edit it to your liking. For cqww you must include CONTEST=cqww, which is 
the name of the relevant rules file,
3.:   You can either edit the file /usr/local/share/tlf/rules/cqww to include 
your call, messages etc... 
4.:  OR make a directory ./rules in your working directory and copy/edit the 
rules file cqww into it.

So to repeat :

Configuration 1:
- <working dir>/logcfg.dat  (where you start tlf and where the log is)
-  <working dir>/rules/cqww (containing the messages etc...)

Configuration 2:
- no logcfg.dat in <working dir>
- /usr/local/share/tlf/logcfg.dat (edited with your call and sys conf)
- no rules directory in <working dir>
- /usr/local/share/tlf/rules/cqww (edited with your call, messages etc).

WARNING: Configuration 2 has one big disadvantage: it will be overwritten when 
you do the next install of tlf!!!!

Hope this is clear now...  



P.S.: The tlfdoc will be updated as soon as the spiderbeam is up again (we cut 
5 trees on saturday), the OMNI-6 is repaired, the K2/100 is ready and the 
cqww-ssb is over. Sorry....

PP.SS.: Also busy with the bandswitch output on cwdaemon... some problems to 
make PPDEV understand what I want :-)

On Monday 20 October 2003 08:25, Helmut Hirsik wrote:
> Hi!
> I change in file logcfg.dat zone to 15.TLF generate .paras file with
> zone 14.If press F3,output in report zone --14(cqww cw).
> Please help!
> 73! ES6CO

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