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[Tlf-devel] Tlf-0.9.2 released with adif capability

From: rein couperus PA0R
Subject: [Tlf-devel] Tlf-0.9.2 released with adif capability
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2003 18:18:59 +0200

I just uploaded tlf-0.9.2 to savannah. 
>From the README:


- Added Adif export capability (by LZ3NY). The command :ADIf will write the 
logfile properly (I hope) formatted to a file with a .adif suffix.

- Fixed bug in cqww contest: when a new spot arrived the cq zone would be 

- Added new method to handle contest rules (by LZ3NY):
        You can put general parameters, which are the same for all
        contests (call, keyer speed, window handling etc.) into logcfg.dat.
        Put CONTEST=<contest_name>  or RULES=<contest_name> into logcfdg.dat. 

        Tlf now first looks if there is a directory "rules/" in the working
        directory, e.g. /home/yourcall/tlf/2003/cqwwcw. It then loads the file
        <contest_name>  which contains the      rules for that contest. If the 
        "rules/" is not available there, tlf will look into 
/usr/local/share/tlf/rules, and try to load the file
        <contest_name> from there. If not available tlf will set the contest to 

        This will make it easier to publish the rules files for various 
        If you programmed and tested a new contest, please send the rules file 
        address@hidden so I can add it to the distribution.

- Added support for MC editor (by LZ3NY)

- Added QUIT command (by LZ3NY)

- Added WAZMULT (by LZ3NY). Uses Cqzone as multiplier.

- Added ITUMULT (by LZ5NY). Uses ITUzone as multiplier

- Added CQDELAY parameter for setting cqdelay in logcfg.dat (by LZ3NY)

- Added PFX_MULT (works like in wpx)

- Added Dynamic check for users terminal type (defaults to rxvt) (by LZ3NY).

- Added experimental support for xterm. Sometimes xterm starts with the wrong
        keyboard map. This is the case when the arrow keys don't work. Remedy
        (workaround) is to first switch into the shell (with "!") and back to
        tlf (with "exit"). The arrow keys as well as the function keys will now
        work in most cases. Please report irregularities to address@hidden, I 
expect it to work everywhere. Also the color scheme is the best I could do 
with the        standard colours of xterm. I prefer rxvt!

- Changed cw keyer speed control back to pg-up/pg-down. Alt-v will only work 
in CT compatibility mode.

- Changed cqdelay control to ctrl-pgup/ctrl-pgdown. Ctrl-pgup is not possible
        with TERM=linux, so I had to add a command :CQDelay which will do the 

- Added band switch control with Alt-v and Alt-b (to be compatible with 
TRLog),         right/left arrow will work also

- Added Alt-e control to enter edit qso's mode (to be compatible with TRLog),
        up-arrow will work also.

Happy testing...


Rein PA0R

Email: address@hidden or address@hidden,

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