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[dgAIS] Announcement: new tjais server version

From: David Nicol
Subject: [dgAIS] Announcement: new tjais server version
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 15:54:14 -0600
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I live with two people, I like both of them,
He likes both of me and I like both of him,
They're my alter egos and to them I'm wed,
'Cos I'm happy I live in a split-level head.

We now have multiple personalities. Instead of having to log out and log back in,
multiple identities can now be associated with an AIS server session.

Furthermore, the /present/ phase now asks the user to click on the link back to the AIS client, instead of sending them there with a Location: directive. This means that AIS is no longer appropriate for doing client-side image selection, but that is no loss. An addition of a "img" or "png" standard AIS command would make sense.

The AIS::Client module on CPAN should work with the new server seamlessly,
as the only difference is that one step now occurs with explicit links instead
of a location directive, giving the user more control.

I have an access control list script that other things, such as a link forwarding system that keeps track of clicks and can be edited by the owner or their delegates, can be built on

Include phrase "cat and buttered toast" to get through my filter

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