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[dgAIS] Re: design docs reposted to list

From: David Nicol
Subject: [dgAIS] Re: design docs reposted to list
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 15:15:22 -0600

Indrajith Rajapaksa wrote:
> hi
> I get the picture you want to create E identity like MS with
> there .net.hence the 6  step handshake.
> I can do some research on it . but is it the client side or server side.
> CGI can be done in java with servlets which I am OK in but java servelets
> are only supported by some web servers.what are you using in
> tipjar.
> regards
> indrajith

I use Perl.  The goal is to have a product which anyone can use to
set up their own central identity server, that anyone with a compliant
client can point it to.

So as the Java guy, you would be reponsible for both sides of the Java
implementation.  You would be able to set up a demontration server on
your web server that runs your code.  It is a serious problem if
the client, using the protocol, cares at all how the server is implemented.

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