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Re: [Tinycc-devel] Self hosting issues with tcc 0.9.27

From: Ziyao
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Self hosting issues with tcc 0.9.27
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2023 10:18:42 +0800

On 2023-03-15 21:27, avih via Tinycc-devel wrote:
1. On Ubuntu 64 22.04 LTS (gcc 11.3), tcc 0.9.27 does not build.

git clean -xfd
git checkout release_0_9_27
./configure --prefix=$PWD/../tcc0927

# ends with this error:

../tcc -c bcheck.c -o bcheck.o -B..
bcheck.c:738: error: '__malloc_hook' undeclared
make[1]: *** [Makefile:64: bcheck.o] Error 1

As described a few days ago, Glibc has deprecated __malloc_hook since


- This is not ideal. It's hard to build 0.9.27 these days, and
  even once built, it fails some tests, and ignoring that, it can
  build current mob but some tests fail.

- Luckily, using this last "broken tests mob" build it is possible
  to build mob-proper with all tests passing.

What might be be ideal, IMVHO, is:

- A new release with minimal diff from 0.9.27, which:
  - Could be built with modern compilers and pass (enabled) tests.
  - Preferably can be built and pass tests with tcc 0.9.26 too.
    - Or at least have a documented path to build from 0.9.26.
  - E.g. maybe just disable bcheck and asm-c-connect-test.

- That mob is modified to allow to be built and pass (Enabled) tests
  using a newly built tcc 0.9.27[.1]. This could be tricky, as
  I think it would have to be detected in configure tests or options,
  because tcc version has not changed for years, so hard to test...
  - maybe add a configure option --with-tcc-0-9-27 or some such.

- Finally, a new release (0.9.28 or 1.0, which can be built and
  pass tests using 0.9.27[.1]), because it's been years, and
  to serve as a new baseline to build future tcc versions.

There used to be a plan for a new release, but it has NOT made any
progress. It is true that 0.9.27 is too old, so always sticking to
mob may be a wise option...


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