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Re: [Tinycc-devel] CFront for TinyCC?

From: Christian Jullien
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] CFront for TinyCC?
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2021 19:01:05 +0100

The main problem is that you're not supposed to use it but just study it.  
You can for example write few lines of pre-iso C++ and see how an
implementation (the CFront) translates it to pure C.
It may be useful to see a possible implementation of vtbl and virtual
function calls for example. The ARM from Stroustrup is a very valuable
source to understand possible internal representation of C++ in C.

Don't expect to write real C++ code which, except for simple example, will
not run on any other implementations.

If you write anything with CFront, you'll have to rewrite your code for any
modern C++ compiler.

We don't have the permission to extend Cfront, for the best, we are just
allowed to make few patches to let it work on the target C compiler. No

We are not allowed to fix bugs or implement missing things from any of the
C++ standards.

So, Cfront interest is very limited.

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Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] CFront for TinyCC?

Christian Jullien wrote in
 |Hi Domingo,
 |This is very interesting but I wonder what it will be used for?
 |Stroustrup and others explicitly say that CFront should not be used \
 |for any purpose except for historical research purpose:
 |"The source code in this section is posted with the permission of the \
 |copyright owner for historical research purposes only."
 |It's fine if you use it within this scope otherwise you should not \
 |promote this dev. as a way to have a "kind of" C++ on top of tcc.

Oh i _always_ hated that thing one had to read after egcs ended in
g++ saying "generates real object code"!
I love languages like Nim (never used it but i think it really
rocks programmers) who provide a syntax and hints that rock
programmers, but preprocesses the outcome to plain C that can be
build with basic compilers!  Isn't that just fantastic??

However as far as i know they simply failed to pimp that thing for
templates etc, which is why they gave up on it?  I personally
would love to be able to write C+, a bit of namespaces, simple
templates and objects with methods (as opposed to functions with
objects) on top of plain C.  That is overly cool.

I did not know about cfront-3, thanks for the pointer, i will try
it once i have new bandwidth.  It once tried to bring cfront to
live from an archived version from the beginning of the 90s or so,
i have forgotten where that came from.  Non-Plan9.  But i gave up,
too much effort for some island that will never make it.


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