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[Tinycc-devel] tinycc personal mob branches

From: grischka
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] tinycc personal mob branches
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2021 15:04:29 +0200
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Hi all, in case ...

  a) you want to show your patches for people to comment or to test, but
  b) do not (yet) want to commit on our main 'mob' branch', or, in general
  c) your work is still "in progress" rather than ready to use, and
  d) you look for a less tedious way than diffs attached to emails, but
  e) don't really want to create a full blown fork either,

here is my summary from a quick test of the "Personal Mob Branch" feature
on repo.or.cz (See https://repo.or.cz/h/mob.html).

1) One first needs to register a username at https://repo.or.cz/reguser.cgi
with an email and a public SSH key (id_rsa.pub as by "$ ssh-keygen").

2) Then it is convenient to set up a remote destination alias for the
ssh-url in tinycc/.git/config, say if you are 'fred':

    [remote "personal"]
        url = ssh://fred@repo.or.cz/tinycc.git

3) Then, assumed that 'fred' has a new feature on a local branch, and
that he did create (or rename) that branch already like this (with a
directory-like prefix)


then this is how 'fred' can make this branch visible to the other people
as a personal mob branch:

    $ git push personal mob_fred/some_feature

4) and this is how the other people can checkout his feature:

    $ git fetch origin refs/mob/mob_fred/some_feature:some_feature
    $ git checkout some_feature

5) and this is how 'fred' could delete a personal mob branch, finally:

    $ git push personal :mob_fred/some_feature  (note the ':')

In any case, all existing remote branches including personal ones can be seen 

    $ git ls-remote

Last, if you want to try this,  much likely your username won't be 'fred'. ;)

--- grischka

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