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Re: [Tinycc-devel] Assembly instructions like "foo.bar"

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Assembly instructions like "foo.bar"
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 21:59:26 +0100

Hi grischka,

On Thu, 21 Jan 2021 21:43:54 +0100
grischka <grishka@gmx.de> wrote:

> Nope, it is for asm.  See tccpp.c:preprocess_start()
>      set_idnum('.', is_asm ? IS_ID : 0);

Huh.  Okay, I'll try again using it.

> Btw, the msvc compiler does not understand
>      {} as an initializer (in asm_data_processing_opcode())
> and also not
>      'return' with a void value (in asm_opcode());

I've worked around that problem now in mob
commit 2e87eb18ab74469af226255f7493f365ee0a8d4c.
Since I don't have that compiler, please test.

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