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Re: [Tinycc-devel] arm-asm breaks aarch64 (as with Fedora 33 on RPi)

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] arm-asm breaks aarch64 (as with Fedora 33 on RPi)
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2021 16:10:44 +0100

Hi Herman,

you committed a patch enabling all ARM 32 bit assembly tokens on aarch64.

Just a heads-up that you have to mode switch the CPU in order to be able to
execute ARM 32 bit machine code on aarch64.

I mean the tokens alone are not that bad (they aren't functionality), but the
functionality on aarch64 is different from ARM by default.

The instruction decoder does not start out in arm32 mode on aarch64
executables compiled for tcc, and also the aarch64 instruction set is not a
superset of the ARM instruction set (per mode).

I mean, technically it's still possible to do it--but are you sure you want to?

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