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Re: [Tinycc-devel] tinycc manpage

From: Sudipto Mallick
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] tinycc manpage
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2020 17:46:41 +0530

On 12/26/20, Michael Matz <matz.tcc@frakked.de> wrote:
> In which sense?  tcc.1 is a generated file, it's not supposed to be
> edited.  The source is tcc-doc.texi, i.e. texinfo, via texi2pod and
> pod2man.  So, are you sure you're barking at the right tree?
> While -mdoc certainly is nicer than -man it's both trumped (IMHO) by
> perlpod and texinfo, in writability.

As I am reformatting it, I do not find it hard to write. It must have
been writable enough to be used in writing almost all manual pages in
OpenBSD etc.
Also current setup depends on perl to be installed, which is not a
hard requirement, but still ...
mdoc(7) was specifically designed to write high quality manual pages
and it is available on most platforms.
You may like to look at the HTML generated by mandoc(1) for the
reformatted manpage: https://smlckz.tilde.institute/tcc.html

>> What do you think about this mdoc formatted manual page?
> I think it's nicer than the current generated tcc.1 file, and I think it's
> somewhat more purist to directly write mdoc files for a project like TCC,
> instead of generating them.  But I also think that something like this
> needs to be easy to write/edit, and in this case I'd argue that texinfo is
> just fine.
There's also texi2mdoc which is written in C, but I haven't tried that.
Also, I think we need man pages for libtcc, what do you think?

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