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[Tinycc-devel] CI improvements (was: Re: TinyCC failure on i386)

From: Giovanni Mascellani
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] CI improvements (was: Re: TinyCC failure on i386)
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2019 19:27:06 +0100
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Il 17/12/19 18:11, Michael Matz ha scritto:
> I had now time to look into this.  The immediate cause is that new Debian 
> enables PIC by default also with -m32, which triggers the error message.  
> It was always there, i.e. the construct used in the kernel is only usable 
> with either x86-64 or without -fPIC/-fPIE on i386.  There are ways to 
> write this construct without triggering the error message, but I want to 
> test the thing as written in the kernel.  So the only option besides 
> disabling the test is to force non-PIC code for it on i386, which 
> means for the whole file.  I've done that now on mob with a lengthy 
> comment in tcctest.c.

Right, thanks for the explanation. And for the patch.

> Oh, and the testing pipeline is useful, thanks for setting it up :-)  
> (Though it would be nice if at least the native machines, i.e. 
> i386 and x86-64, wouldn't use a full system emulation seemingly without 
> paravirt; 8 minutes for a testrun of tcc seems a bit excessive; but as you 
> said, definitely better than nothing :) )

Ok, I enabled a "test_native" job that runs tests without a virtual
machine. It is only for amd64, for the moment. I will add i386 as soon
as I have some time to test the right environment and commands.

BTW, I am happy that my experiment was, as it appears, well received. If
this is ok for you, I might add the CI files (.gitlab-ci.yml and related
scripts) to the main repository, so that everybody can fix them if
necessary, and so that the commits shown in the Gitlab interface
actually match those in the main repository. How do you find this?

Also, I have fixed my Debian image generator to use an older kernel for
riscv64, because the latest one does not boot properly. Hopefully
tomorrow (in the European sense) I will able to run a CI test also on

At last, Windows, which I would like to test as well. For the moment,
though, I cannot even build tcc with MinGW. I have installed MinGW
following instructions in [1], installing all the packages that seem to
be somehow relevant. However, the linker fails. Trying to compile the
program "int main(){}" gives the following errors (running "gcc test.c"):

> ld.exe: cannot find -lgcc
> ld.exe: cannot find -lgcc_eh
> ld.exe: cannot find -lgcc
> ld.exe: cannot find -lgcc_eh
> collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Tcc linking fails with the same error. Does anybody know what is the
problem here? It is the first time I use MinGW.

 [1] http://mingw.org/wiki/Getting_Started

I can compile on Windows using the MSVC compiler and the build-tcc.bat
script. How can I run "make test" on the executable that is produced
this way?

Thanks, Giovanni.
Giovanni Mascellani <address@hidden>
Postdoc researcher - Université Libre de Bruxelles

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