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[Tinycc-devel] How do I disable all runtime error checks in TCC?

From: Ben Hutchinson
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] How do I disable all runtime error checks in TCC?
Date: Wed, 15 May 2019 15:50:06 -0700

I would like to make it so it doesn't insert ANY error checking code such as stack checks, etc, into my program's code. You can tell if it is doing a stack check because if you use -nostdlib, you can compile some very simple programs, but if you try more complex programs it will give you the error:
tcc: error: undefined symbol '__chkstk'

You also can tell if you haven't used -nostdlib because if you then look at the resulting code in a debugger, you can see that it inserted a bunch of extra code in your function that isn't there when you create less complex programs (extra code, that goes beyond the required additional code for simply making the more complex program, and clearly constitutes code that the compiler inserted for error checking purposes).

This means that if it were using the standard library (which has been disabled via the -nostdlib command line parameter), it would be using a function called __chkstk. However, I wish to completely disable this error checking code (and ALL other error checks that require standard C functions and insertion of bloating code in my program). This will cut down on the final size of the compiled program and increase its running speed, by eliminating unnecessary runtime-error checking code from being put into my program.

If it is possible to COMPLETELY disable these runtime error checks, please let me know. If it is not possible in the current revision of TCC, please consider in a future version of TCC allowing a command line switch to completely disable the insertion of runtime error checking code.

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