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Re: [Tinycc-devel] tcc compilation on MSYS2

From: avih
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] tcc compilation on MSYS2
Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 15:29:53 +0000 (UTC)


While I appreciate the confidence in me when you take code/patches which I wrote and commit them to mob yourself (and also the credit which you gave in your commits from today - in the past you did so without giving credit IIRC), I'd also appreciate some heads up and possibly some discussion.

For instance, your commit bab4519 which is based on an issue which I detected and fixed (not perfectly, but still) at my drafts branch to allow the tests to run at a custom build dir, you changed the code to use 'realpath', but realpath is not available on all systems.

You can use this code instead, which I wrote and I think would be enough for this case, here:  https://github.com/avih/tinycc/blob/drafts/win32/build-tcc-reproducible.sh#L11

Also, if you take someone else's commit and push it yourself, you can keep the author the same (assuming you didn't make meaningful changes) using git format-patch and git am (or cherry-pick etc), such that the original author doesn't appear only at the commit message, but actually stays the author of the commit.

On Saturday, May 14, 2016 5:33 PM, avih <address@hidden> wrote:

You can try my branch: https://github.com/avih/tinycc/commits/drafts (note, I force-push and keep it rebased on top of mob).

It includes several build consolidation for windows such that it needs less windows-specific checks etc, but also adds some other improvements (like getopt working out of the box, and few more, including make it self-hosting using the latest official tcc-for-windows-release - 0.26). It shouldn't hard to identify the commits which only touch the build system.

I haven't touched tcc for some months, and at the time I was able to use my drafts branch to build tcc and cross out of tree with all tests passing and the output executables working as expected, either on windows or linux, either in msys2-32/64 env using the native (gcc) compiler or msys1 env (using tcc0.26-32 for windows as the compiler and tiny_libmaker.exe as AR).

I've updated it today (pushed to the drafts branch already) and added one commit which reverts a win32 specific stuff at the tests/Makefile (my earlier consolidations made it unneeded), and it now _seems_ to work again as expected (was able to build using msys2 (gcc) or msys[1] (tcc.exe) and all the tests pass). But I didn't test it extensively.

If you wish to test the version which got some more testing by me, you can try the branch "snapshot-drafts-2015-12-17"

Hope it helps.

I wanted to push some/all of the commits on my "drafts" branch to mob after some cleanups, but never really got to end up doing it. If there's enough interest and my current drafts branc ends up usable for many, I'll reconsider putting the effort.

On Saturday, May 14, 2016 4:57 PM, Chris Marshall <address@hidden> wrote:

As someone whose primary development environment is cygwin/win7, I would
love for tcc to build and run under cygwin.


On 5/14/2016 03:24, Sergey Korshunoff wrote:
> MSYS2 is current environment for Qt and other software development on
> Windows. It is a mingw+cygwin with a package manager (pacman), ported
> from ARCH Linux. MSYS2 allow to build
> mingw32/mingw64/cygwin32/cygwin64 programs in unix-like environment.
> Currenly tcc can not be build on this environment (mix of unix and
> windows). I think a system name (uname output) is needed to
> select/reject some code in sources of the tcc.
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