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Re: [Tinycc-devel] [PATCH] current set of patches which I want to upload

From: Sergey Korshunoff
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] [PATCH] current set of patches which I want to upload
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2015 07:45:40 +0300

There is a version 2015-01-21 of the patches
A patchset is reorganized.
A changes to a makefiles and configure files are separated from the
other patches.

A changed patches:
  * configure-a-gcc.patch is removed (it was wrong)
  * libtcc1-path.patch (004-libraries-paths.patch now)

A new configure patches:
  * build-libtcc1-by-tcc: use a new tcc to compile a libtcc1.c and alloca.S
  * tcc-win-cross-names: an unification of the tcc cross names for a windows
  * install-clean-tuning
  * gcc-options-and-mingw: move a gcc options detection from a
makefile to the configure
  * --enable-tcc32-mingw option: build a windows version on linux with

A new patches for other parts:
  * -std=c99 option for the tcc: allow to use a tcc as a reference
compiler for "make test"
  * x86_64-tcc and libtcc1.c: size_t definition is needed for a
x86_64-tcc to parse memset()
  * warn-impicit-decl: turn on a implicit-function-declaration warning
by default
  * lddir-on-x86-64: let CONFIG_LDDIR=lib64 by default if TCC_TARGET_X86_64
  * x86_64-win-tcc elfinterp: a bug correction
  * tcc_add_runtime() for a CONFIG_USE_LIBGCC case: reducing a complexity
  * arm-unused-warnings: remove problems with defined but unused wariables
  * tcc-version-mingw: report a "mingw" as a execution environment
instead of the Win32, Win64, WinCE when executing "tcc -v"
  * wincrt1-try: add definition of the __TRY__ to the wincrt1.c if not defined
  * math-lrint: a lrint functions in win32/include/math.h are
rewrittem because tcc can't handle "t" constraint
  * winsock2-trunc: add definition of the "double trunc (double _x)"
and winsock2.h
  * dllmain-decl: correct a DllMain() declaration in dllcrt1.c and dllmain.c

With this patches a windows version of the nimrod compiler can be
successfully build by tcc.

2015-01-16 12:27 GMT+03:00, Sergey Korshunoff <address@hidden>:
> There is a version 2015-01-15 of patches.
> SInce 2015-01-12:
>  * 045-target-info.patch
>     Use a display_info() to output a header of the tcc help listing
>  * 047-configure-x86.patch
>     configure: don't set tcc_lddir="lib64" if cpu="x86"
>  * 049-bcheck-64bit.patch
>     bcheck on x86_64 arch: conversion to pointer from integer of different
> size
>  * 051-configure-a-gcc.patch
>     configure a gcc specific options: warnings and mode (32 or 64)
>  * 053-libtcc1-path.patch
>    A 32/64 bit tcc on linux: an arch specific path for libtcc1.a
>  * 055-system-libraries-dirs.patch
>    x86_64 tcc: on Linux use /usr/lib64,.. instead of /usr/lib,..

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