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Re: [Tinycc-devel] Win: Add Unicode support for _tmain and _tWinMain

From: YX Hao
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Win: Add Unicode support for _tmain and _tWinMain
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 22:49:20 +0800

Hi gr and there,

Please take this one. Mixed codes needs more attention. Tested.

YX Hao

From: "YX Hao" <address@hidden>

Hi gr and there,

What about like this?

And is my last email to Alex lost? I haven't received it.
Here it is:


For my last git commit file attached, the following patch for "tccelf.c" is
not neccessary as the Unicode entries have been placed into seperate crt
source files.

diff --git a/tccelf.c b/tccelf.c
index 2fbe692..353f30d 100644
--- a/tccelf.c
+++ b/tccelf.c
@@ -2515,6 +2515,14 @@ typedef struct SectionMergeInfo {
    uint8_t link_once;         /* true if link once section */
} SectionMergeInfo;

+#ifdef TCC_TARGET_X86_64
+#define PE_STDSYM(n,s) n
+#define PE_STDSYM(n,s) "_" n s
/* load an object file and merge it with current files */
/* XXX: handle correctly stab (debug) info */
ST_FUNC int tcc_load_object_file(TCCState *s1,
@@ -2731,6 +2739,17 @@ ST_FUNC int tcc_load_object_file(TCCState *s1,
        /* add symbol */
        name = (char *) strtab + sym->st_name;
+        /* skip unused (undefined) */
+        int unicode_entry = s1->unicode_entry;
+        if ((unicode_entry == 3 /*PE_EXE*/ && strcmp(name, "main") != 0)
+            || (unicode_entry == 2 /*PE_GUI*/
+                && strcmp(name, PE_STDSYM("WinMain","@16")) != 0)
+            || (unicode_entry == 0
+                && strcmp(name, "wmain") != 0
+                && strcmp(name, PE_STDSYM("wWinMain","@16")) != 0)
+        )
        sym_index = add_elf_sym(symtab_section, sym->st_value,
                                sym->st_info, sym->st_other,
                                sym->st_shndx, name);

So, the key is in "tccpe.c" to asign a proper entry. And, for optional, add
a gloabal flag "unicode_entry" as "TCC_TARGET_PE" for benching, in
"tccgen.c", "libtcc.c" and "tcc.h". It could not be neccesary.

We all must add the crt entry functions for Unicode. And I recommend put
them in new files, for smaller linked executable file.

From: Alexander De Sousa

It was only preliminary support for command line applications (no proper
tests), adding support for GUI applications would follow the same scheme.

Some thoughts on the matter:
- Separated startup code for Unicode entry points seem to be a must, <-- I
I couldn't find any way of doing it using the current crt1 and wincrt1.

- Third patch in a nutshell: check whether the wmain symbol is defined or
not and choose the Unicode start point if it is, the appropriate startup is added through add_elf_sym and friends. <--- There is "find_elf_sym" can be

- I didn't realize at the time, but the pe_is_unicode() function I defined
could be replaced for a call to find_elf_sym. <--- I think so.

- Since Unicode builds are actually triggered by the _UNICODE macro being
defined, an Unicode build could probably be identified already when the
macro is detected to be defined. Maybe activating a flag at that point
instead of looking for wmain or wWinMain when adding the startup code. <--- What if "_UNICODE" is NOT defined but directly use "wmain" or "wWinMain"? :)

Committing the second patch is probably a good idea regardless of Unicode
support being added, I think it helps maintainability. <--- I just try to
keep the same style. ^_^


Yuxi Hao

----- Original Message ----- From: "grischka" <address@hidden>
To: <address@hidden>
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 9:15 PM
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Win: Add Unicode support for _tmain and

Alexander De Sousa wrote:
Some thoughts on the matter:
 - Separated startup code for Unicode entry points seem to be a must, I
couldn't find any way of doing it using the current crt1 and wincrt1.

I'd agree with separate code, but not with separate sources. Rather
it should work like this:

    tcc -c crt1.c -o crt1.o
    tcc -c crt1.c -D_UNICODE -o wcrt1.o
    ar rcs libtcc1.a crt1.o wcrt1.o ...

After all that's the point of the _T/_t macros defined in tchar.h
and all the redirections in windows.h that depend on UNICODE.

-- gr


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