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Re: [Tinycc-devel] Error Compiling SCM: Error Include signal.h

From: Cayce Pollard
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Error Compiling SCM: Error Include signal.h
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2013 04:55:25 -0500

Ugh...stupid gmail client...
Sent email below to individual by mistake...

I've actually been able to move past this error by copying the entire contents of the toolchain's sysroot/usr/include (location of the toolchain's header files) to the /usr/include location on my device. It's a fairly clumsy hack.

Re-running tcc on my device now produces the error 'function renaming not possible.' Googling that error and reading through the lengthy gcc docs reveals that function renaming was implemented in c99, and that there is an option for it...but I'm not sure if that same option is available for the android toolchain's gcc.

Re: your question about the location of headers and libraries...they are located in the /sysroot directory of the android toolchain. /sysroot/usr/lib contains libraries and /sysroot/usr/include contains headers.  There are various other .h and .so files in other places but their purpose is not well documented

On Sep 5, 2013 8:38 AM, "Thomas Preud'homme" <address@hidden> wrote:
Le dimanche 1 septembre 2013 15:16:19 Cayce Pollard a écrit :
> Now I need help.
> After not being able to get 'make install' working after unpacking the
> tarball I'd created (this is all on my NookHD BTW), I copied the files in
> the extracted directory to the install locations (/usr/bin, /usr/lib,
> /usr/include).  I tried to make SCM again and still got the error:
>  scm.c:24: error: include file signal.h not found.
> This may be an obvious question but I'm new to building/compiling:  If I
> link the header files in the error during tcc build, would that fix the
> problem?

You can't link a header. A header is included inside another file (either
another header or a source file). It's the role of the preprocessor to do this
and usually the preprocessor is run by the compiler. Hence, once the header
are in place you need to rerun the compiler for it to work. I hope I
understood your situation correctly.

> If so, I thought that including the necessary paths for
> ./configure when building  tcc...by using the --sysroot=$SYSROOT (with the
> correct sysroot in the variable) or --libpaths or --sysincludepaths would
> take care of this.  If they don't...what do those configure options do?

So you want to compile tcc with the android cross compiler and then run that
compiled tcc on your android device right? I'm not very familiar with android
yet so can you tell me where are libraries, header files etc… on your android

Best regards,


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