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Re: [Tinycc-devel] Extension to C language: sorry ignore prev "#TCC part

From: Stefano Zaglio
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Extension to C language: sorry ignore prev "#TCC part2#2"
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2012 20:32:37 +0200
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I was a programmer asm/c/c++. Then I was Microsoftnized.

From a long time I have an idea that I'm developing too slowly.

I'm drawing a comparison between C and C++ that would not consider C++ an evolution of C.

Anyway, my proposalmeets the following fees:

1. compatible with TCC "all in one" phylosophy
2. compatible with other C
3. compatible with nature of TCC project:"implements once and forget it"
4. uses TCC as plugin of itself

What follows is part of a longer processing which includes different points of view including genetic, physical, metaphysical and psychological. But I do not want to bore.

and I'm asking to who well know TCC code, if this could be possible:

*int* fact(*int* n) { *return *( n==0 ? 1 : fact(n-1) ); }

        printf( "factorial of 3 is " #fact(3) );

that will become perfectly:

        printf( "factorial of 3 is " "6" );

while the C++ version ... :

        *template*  <int N>
        *struct*  Factorial
        *enum*  { value = N * Factorial<N-1>::value };

        *template*  <>
        *struct*  Factorial<1>
        *enum*  { value = 1 };

        // example use
        *int*  main()
        *const*  *int*  fact3 = Factorial<3>::value;
            std::cout<<  fact3<<  endl;
        *return*  0;

is more elegant, not dangerous, unbreakable, yes, I know.

I mean, use the ability of TCC to generate code from

*void* config_from_outsource(*char* *param) {
        // ...

*enum* colors {

*void* gen_config() {FILE f;...fopen("config.h","w+");...}
    #include "config.h"
        "select * from tbl where tid=#tid and address@hidden",
        "@tid tinyint, @id int",
        tid, id

project, make, automake, ml, cmake, deploy can be made all with tcc.

For example, consider the use of #TCC in place of external lemon parser in sqlite and the integration of tcc in sqlite to add SQL functions.

And I like that Google was financing all of this instead of spending money trying toreplace JavaScript with Dart, Go & C., because #TCC just needs a good editor for children, chicken and monkeys like me, with libtcc, of course, to get or create plugins.


PS. Who can be interested in my "Invest in the C instead of C++" article, I will post soon on my web site.

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