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Re: [Tinycc-devel] I think there might be something broken in Win32 inc

From: James Russell Moore
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] I think there might be something broken in Win32 includes.
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 00:38:51 +0100

I've checked out the mob branch a while ago (up to commit skip() commit, 900871ca8daf805e3c3a90634b07a9d56e4fd8bb), it (TCC) builds perfectly using the MinGW WinAPI package (just some casting warnings) but some things won't compile using default WinAPI (namely wincrt1.c, dllcrt1.c and dllmain.c) giving the following error:

In file included from d:/tinycc/win32/include/winapi/windows.h:62:
In file included from d:/tinycc/win32/include/winapi/windef.h:122:
d:/test_env/tcc/win32/include/winapi/winnt.h:3103: error: too many basic types

I'm sorry to cause you so much trouble, best regards,
J. Russell.

2010/1/26 grischka <address@hidden>
James Russell Moore wrote:
But since the recent Win32 include cleanup (commit b0abcfde9d456a3d76d63a8dcbb17eb871fc762d) I can't use the MinGW WinAPI, the following error appears:

In file included from d:/test_env/tcc/include/winapi/windows.h:50:
d:/test_env/tcc/include/winapi/winbase.h:1336: error: ';' expected

There are also some warnings about macro redefinitions but didn't break the build.

Thanks.  I fixed it on the mob branch.

--- grischka

My platform right now is a 32-bit Win7 Professional, with w32api package version 3.14. TCC was built using a development build of GCC 4.5.0 (also tested when building it using GCC 4.4.3).

J. Russell.

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