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[Tinycc-devel] x86-64 port

From: shinichiro . h
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] x86-64 port
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 05:12:03 +0900
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I've worked on porting TCC for x86-64 and I'd like to send a patch. This patch 
is the diff from CVS head.


Here is the complete archive.


The status of this patch is

- produces x86-64 object files and executables.
- passes make test.
- passes ./libtcc_test.
- can compile tcc.c. The compiled tcc can compile tcc.c, too. (There are some 
bugs though)
- can compile links. It seems working.
- may not break other environments. I tested this with x86 environment.
- not tested well. I tested this work only on my linux box with few programs.
- calling convention of long-double-integer of struct is not exactly the same 
as GCC's x86-64 ABI.
- format of va_list isn't compatible with GCC's.
- implementation of tcc -run is naive (tcc -run tcctest.c works, but tcc -run 
tcc.c doesn't work). Relocating 64bit addresses seems to be not as simple as 
32bit environments.
- shared object support isn't unimplemented

I'll work on fixing TODOs above. But the patch is already somehow big, so I 
think it's good time to send the first patch. I'll be really happy if you 
accept this patch.

Any comments will be appreciated.


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