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Re: [Tinycc-devel] mercurialtcc [TinyCC on Mercurial] accepted on ShareS

From: KHMan
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] mercurialtcc [TinyCC on Mercurial] accepted on ShareSource
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 15:14:09 +0800
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Sanghyeon Seo wrote:
> 2007/11/13, KHMan <address@hidden>:
>> I'm looking around, not really sure how to import the bundle in
>> properly.
> You simply push to the URL. If you have your local repository in
> tinycc directory,
> cd tinycc
> hg push http://hg.sharesource.org/mercurialtcc
> And you're done. Mercurial will ask your username and password interactively.

Thanks, I have uploaded your bundle successfully. Cloned
successfully as well. Please test and see if it's Okay Go. For
non-hg users, I used:

    hg clone http://hg.sharesource.org/mercurialtcc

zip and bz2 bundles are also available for non-hg users.

Maintainers welcome, otherwise I will just act as a pull monkey or
a braindead commit monkey for now. I don't know enough to do QC or
judge patches. Please post patches to this list only and let
members of the list decide whether the patches are any good. Even
Rob, if he wants to participate, is very much welcome.

Thanks all,
Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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