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Re: [Tinycc-devel] Newer tinycc repository?

From: KHMan
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Newer tinycc repository?
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 17:26:15 +0800
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Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:
> KHMan wrote:
>> If there is a FLOSS project where commit access
>> is *totally* open like a wiki, please let me know, it would be an
>> interesting factoid to know.
> Yes, git/repo.or.cz has this "mob" branch which is open for anonymous
> pushing.  I like this idea and I think this could turn out to be a
> beneficial development model.  It could also be horrible, sure.

Now that you mention git services, what about this?


Anyone knows whether this service is working or not? It's git and
it's on Savannah and it might also serve as, perhaps, an official
migrated tree. Of course, I'm version-control neutral and I'm
totally just speculating. :-)

> [snip]

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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