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[Tinycc-devel] CVS sync to Landley's tree (fork healing)

From: David A. Wheeler
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] CVS sync to Landley's tree (fork healing)
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 10:38:50 -0400 (EDT)

FYI, here's some info on what I plan to do with the Savannah CVS for tinycc.

To the best of my knowledge (and of Rob's), Rob Landley's tree now has every 
capability included in the latest tcc CVS tree (in particular, better support 
for "-E" that Fabrice wrote).  I'm going to be (mostly) Internet-disconnected 
for the next week, so some time after that I intend to run a script that will 
sync up the tcc CVS with Landley's fork.

Most importantly, from a practical point of view there will be essentially one 
version of tinycc, which you can download from many places.  This will also 
mean that people who have scripts that extract from CVS can keep doing so, and 
if Landley's site goes down (that couldn't happen!) or Landley loses interest 
in the future, the latest version of tinycc will still backed up.  And should 
Fabrice Bellard have more time in the future to devote to tinycc, he can use a 
process that he finds convenient (and then Landley can decide what he wants to 
do in HIS fork, in time convenient to him).

Of the changes that are reported as necessary to compile gcc 2.95, 8 are in 
Landley's tree, and 2 are in active discussion (my alloca, as well as the 
stringify work).

--- David A. Wheeler

P.S. Technical details on what I plan to do, in case you want to know:

The script will save in CVS a common historical version between the current CVS 
and Landley's fork, and then add each changeset separately (so that much of the 
history can be retained in CVS). The script will occasionally be re-run from 
then on to keep them in sync. It will work by noticing the deltas in Landley's 
fork, and re-applying them; that way, if Fabrice Bellard makes a change solely 
in the CVS later on it won't be accidentally "lost".

Unfortunately, CVS doesn't really have "changeset" information, because CVS 
stores changes at the file level.  To counteract that, I intend to have each 
changeset sent some time apart (say, at least 10 or 20 minutes), so that the 
change time will make it easy to identify a changeset.  And of course the 
comments will be the same for a changeset. I _might_ even add a file to record 
the change information, we'll see.  CVS doesn't handle file renames gracefully, 
and I have no intentions of "solving" that.

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