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[Tinycc-devel] Re: Pass structures through ?:, test for fp too (grischka

From: veritosproject
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] Re: Pass structures through ?:, test for fp too (grischka-2005-09-25 case_1)
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 14:27:03 -0700

=begin quote

Here's another patch, grischka-2005-09-25 case_1.
This one passes structures through ?:, and adds a test for test for
function pointers too (grischka-2005-09-25 case_1).  I suspect that
this will fix the problem compiling Lua just mentioned today.

This patch was originally posted in grischka's 2005-09-25 email as
required fix case_1 to compile gcc 2.95.  This adds tests to ensure
that both structures and function pointers can pass through the conditional
operator ?:. The tests were tweaked by David A. Wheeler to merge the test cases
into the standard tcc test suite.  This patch also modifies tcc so that
structures can be passed through conditional operators.
Note that this patch does NOT modify tcc to permit function pointers to pass
through ?:, because although such a patch WAS in grischka's patch, an
equivalent change was already in tcc by the time this version of the patch
was created.

Oh, the structure passing works b/c it converts to passing addresses.
If someone wants to optimize that further (esp. for small structures
that fit in registers), feel free to do so, but changing "not working"
to "working" is WAY more important than absolute maximum speed.  If
you want to optimize, this is not where I'd spend my time :-).

Also, I'm "cc"ing this email to Rob and veritosproject, so that
they'll have this patch in their inbox immediately.  Well, assuming
that it's not labelled as spam :-).

=end quote

Looks good, thanks. I'll try compiling when I get back to Unix. - d

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