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Re: [Tinycc-devel] Bug in tcc

From: PerfectDark
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] Bug in tcc
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 11:10:54 +0400 (MSD)

>On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 08:27:28PM +0200, Bernhard Fischer wrote:
>>On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 02:19:53PM +0400, PerfectDark wrote:
>>>Just try to compile (tcc -c) following file:
>>>void foo(SomethingUnknownType* x)
>>>Somehow tcc crushes, and then stackdump file created
>>I cannot reproduce this. Compiled tcc with current gcc:
>>$ cat untyped.c 
>>void foo(unknown_t *u){;}
>>$ ./tcc -c untyped.c ; echo $?
>>untyped.c:1: ',' expected
>>$ gcc-4.x -c untyped.c ; echo $?
>>untyped.c:1: error: expected ')' before '*' token
>>perhaps check your bootstrap compiler.
>Still the same. Please check that your bootstrap compiler produces
>correct code.
>That is, please try to create an executable out of any testcases you may
>or may not have referenced in other (not follow-up) mails.
>As long as your windows compiler cannot generate proper code for the
>cases you provided and/or a simple
>#include <stdio.h>
>int main(void) {printf("hello,world\n");return 0;}
>example, tcc is completely out of scope for your report.
>I do not mean to sound rude, but that is simply a fact.
>Tinycc-devel mailing list

May be all that bugs (see my next ask in list) because I use non-patched tcc 
(tcc-0.9.23), or windows version has something bug...

Even though I could compile tcc by tcc and simple windows applications (GDI and 
console). Tcc crushes if it meet that code (see my question).

If you know how I can fix it, tell me please.

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