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[Tiger-announce] Availability of downloadable sources for Tiger

From: tiger-announce
Subject: [Tiger-announce] Availability of downloadable sources for Tiger
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 12:20:22 +0200
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Hi there,

I've finally been able to sort out what the problem was related to
Tiger files not being available even if I uploaded them to Savannah.
The issue has now been resolved and the download area [1] now provides
all the files of old and recent releases. Please note that the
"README" file is out of date (will need to be updated to reflect the
new releases). All the files in this area are GPG signed. Please make
sure you verify the signature of the files before using them.
Signature should correspond to keyid DC814B09

We are currently (slowly) working on a new release (3.2.2) which will
hopefully fix a number of bugs as well as provide support for some new
operating systems (Tru64, added by Ryan Bradetich).

We have still some outstanding issues to review and work out, such as
proper support in some OS (like Solaris, see bug #8030, and AIX, see
support request #102838) which would benefit if more testing was done
in different platforms with the current version, available as CVS [2].
If you can provide more information in order to debug this issues and
have Tiger properly support newer OS, please contact me.

Also note that the previous homepage for Tiger (www.tigersecurity.org)
is down. I'm transfering that domain to a different registrar and the
previous ISP is not being very cooperative. Until the situation is
fixed, the homepage of Tiger has been set to http://www.nongnu.org/tiger/

Notice, however, that some local content (pdf documents) might not be
available (it's not handled by CVS). If you are in need of that
content, please contact me directly.


Javier Fernandez-Sanguino

PS: The new download area lacks a directory hierarchy like the old one
did [3]. Savannah is looking [4] for help in this area and needs
programmers to add this feature, if you can help, please do.

[1] http://savannah.nongnu.org/download/tiger/

[2] Nightly CVS tarballs are available at

[3] A copy of all the files previous to compromise is available at


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