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Re: [Tftb-help] Help needed URGENTLY for signal synthesis

From: Eric Chassande-Mottin
Subject: Re: [Tftb-help] Help needed URGENTLY for signal synthesis
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 11:04:51 +0100 (CET)

hi Zehong,

there is no inverse RID transform in the TFTB. actually, I am not sure that somebody has ever worked on this problem. the only available synthesis routine that is available is for the STFT.


My name is Zeyong Shan, a graduate student in ECE of Michigan State
University in US. I am doing research on source separation in the
time-frequency domain. In order to compare the extracted signals with
original signals in time domain, I need to reconstruct the signals from the
time-frequency domain back to time domain. TFTB is a powerful toolbox. I
like it. I used 'tfrridbn' function to transform the time-domain signals to
the time-frequency representations. After separating, I want to tansform the
signals back to the time domain. I do not find out there is a signal
synthesis function in current toolbox to finish this work. So I want to
know whether there is such a reconstruction function implemented for reduced
interference distributions (RID) like binomail kernel function. I need
urgently it now in order to finish my thesis!!!

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