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[Tftb-help] need for a clarification

From: omar mettouchi
Subject: [Tftb-help] need for a clarification
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 13:42:05 +0000



I know that it is note the time for, but if someone can help me, I have some questions about the time – frequency representations :


- in the tfrwv, I don’t  understand how the analytic form of the analytic signal ( without using the Hilbert transform) is introduced ??

- in the tfrspwv, I don’ t understand why in the line 80  we compute the average of the frequency smoothing window g : Lg=(grow-1)/2; g=g/sum(g);and in the 85, the normalization of the time smoothing window h : Lh=(hrow-1)/2; h=h/h(Lh+1);

I suppose that the analytic form of the signal is introduced with the same way.

 Either why the choose of:  hlength=floor(N/4)and glength=floor(N/10)???

- in the tfrsp why the normalization of  the window for the computation of the tfr in the line 87: tfr(indices,icol)=x(ti+tau).*conj(h(Lh+1+tau))/norm(h(Lh+1+tau));



Thanks for all




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