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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Texmacs question

From: Pierre-Henri Jondot
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Texmacs question
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2020 20:35:10 +0100


I encountered the same problem here. Anaconda’s installer edits ~/.bash_profile (I suppose) or ~/.zshrc (for the most recent versions of macos) to prepend the PATH.

That means of course the correct PATH is only available within the terminal.

A simple (not very macos like) solution is to run texmacs from the terminal :
open /Applications/TeXmacs.app

An ugly fix would be to add anaconda’s path on top of /etc/paths (I have no idea what that might break in the future though)

Now I tried the (define (python-command…)), but it didn’t seem to work though…


Le 11 déc. 2020 à 19:03, Massimiliano Gubinelli <m.gubinelli@gmail.com> a écrit :

Dear Joris, dear Darcy,

 one of my collaborators had problem on Mac with python. On his machine the PATH would not see the "right" instance of the Python interpreter. I think it would be nice to explain in the Help for Python how to customize the (python-command) call. And/or add a user preference to set from the Preference dialog the path to the python interpreter.

In general one would like to have mechanisms to override our "smart" choices with respect to where to find plugins. 


Begin forwarded message:

From: Massimiliano Gubinelli <gubinelli@iam.uni-bonn.de>
Subject: Re: Texmacs question
Date: 11. December 2020 at 13:55:59 CET
To: Nicolas Perkowski <perkowski@math.fu-berlin.de>

One possibility is that TeXmacs is started when the system PATH is still not appropriate to reach the Anaconda installed python.

You can test this hypothesis by openin a shell session inside TeXmacs and then try to do `which python3`.

If this is the case (that TeXmacs do not see the right python) then is trickier. There is yet no easy way to customize the python path,

you can try the following:

open a scheme session inside texmacs and do the command

(define (python-command) "/path/to/python")

where you put the path you want, e.g. "/usr/local/bin/python3" or whatever, to reach the Anaconda's python.

Then try to open a Python session. This should work but will stop to work as soon as you quit TeXmacs.

One possibility is to put the command in 


where $HOME points to your home directory.



On 11. Dec 2020, at 13:18, Nicolas Perkowski <perkowski@math.fu-berlin.de> wrote:

Hi Max,

thanks. When I type python or python3 in the terminal, it always opens the good version (managed by Anaconda).

The commands „which python“ or „which python3“ also give the good version (Anaconda).

„which pip3“ gave another version, probably the system Python3. But I changed that now with „pip install conda“ and now also „which pip3“ and „which pip“ list the good version.

But Texmacs still refuses to call the Anaconda Python3. There should be a possibility to tell it to use that one. Alternatively, thanks to your comment I inderstand that probably I could also reinstall Numpy and so for the system Python, but this seems like a hack…


Am 11.12.2020 um 09:59 schrieb Massimiliano Gubinelli <gubinelli@iam.uni-bonn.de>:

Dear Nicolas,
 I've also used some Python in my lecture, is quite cool indeed. You find my scripts here, for example:

The problem is that Python2 is somehow "deprecated" (by Python people) and we decided to move to Python3, so TeXmacs will look for it. On my system if I write python3 on the shell I can use this one. To install packages probably you have to use pip3 instead of pip. I have here:

Last login: Thu Dec 10 15:38:31 on ttys003
mgubi@Ulrike src % which pip3
mgubi@Ulrike src % which python3
mgubi@Ulrike src % 

The short answer: TeXmacs call Python via "python3". To check where it is on your system, it should be enough to open a shell and type "which python3". This is the system used.

Let me know if you manage to solve the problem.


On 11. Dec 2020, at 08:21, Nicolas Perkowski <perkowski@math.fu-berlin.de> wrote:

Dear Max,

I am teaching in Texmacs this semester, and sometimes it would be quite cool to run small live Python scripts. So I tried the Python plugin, but it uses a weird Python version and therefore does not find Numpy and Matplotlib. My system version is Python 2.something, and through Anaconda I have 3.7.4, and this version also starts when I type „python" in the terminal. Texmacs opens Python 3.7.3, I don’t know where it found that one. The Clang versions are 4.0.1 (Anaconda) and 11.0.3 (Texmacs). Do you know how to set Texmacs to find the packages?

Thanks for pointing out the book by Joris, I ordered it. Even the preview was quite helpful, I did not know about the command-shift-7 key combination for starting a multiline equation, and used \align* before which is more awkward.

And sorry for not showing up much for the MFO meeting, there is too much going on in the past weeks.


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