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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Building TeXmacs for macos

From: Kostas Oikonomou
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Building TeXmacs for macos
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2020 14:36:43 -0500
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Thank you Pierre for confirming the plugin problem.
Likewise, I confirm your "drawing mode" problem with 1.99.15, Qt 5.15 😉

On 11/14/20 11:18 AM, Pierre-Henri Jondot wrote:
Although it is indeed not the same problem, I can confirm the bug you mention 
here. With texmacs 1.99.15 built with qt 5.15.1, texmacs segfaults opening any 
session but scheme, with the build I obtain on macos catalina. No such problem 
with qt 4 (and the build is easier with qt 4…). A python session doesn’t work, 
but at least it doesn’t crash...

So the problem probably is not related to freebsd but indeed with qt.


P.S. : could someone try to :
- make sure texmacs is configured to use multiple windows (Edit-Preferences 
last option)
- initiate a drawing
- while still in drawing mode, open another window…
Am I the only for whom this makes texmacs crash ? (I doubt it, but so far…)

Le 14 nov. 2020 à 16:23, Kostas Oikonomou <k.oikonomou@att.net> a écrit :

Yes, I understand his problem is at build time.  I just wanted to point out 
that on another, perhaps somewhat similar,  OS there is no such problem.

I also forgot to add that

1) The compiler used is clang 10 (standard on FreeBSD)
2) TeXmacs 1.99.{13,14} not only builds, but also works fine, with the 
exception of plugins (pipes).
3) The situation with 1.99.15 is the same: TeXmacs builds, works, but not with 


On 11/14/20 9:51 AM, Massimiliano Gubinelli wrote:
Dear Kostas,
  as far as I understand the problems of Pierre-Henri is at buildtime, not 
runtime. It seems to me they are different. Anyway it would be better to move 
the discussion to texmacs-dev.


On 14. Nov 2020, at 15:29, Kostas Oikonomou <k.oikonomou@att.net> wrote:

Just to add to the Qt5 discussion (confusion?), as I wrote a few days earlier, 
this is what happens with FreeBSD.
There are no problems compiling with Qt5, but

Can someone say with which version of Qt5 is TeXmacs 1.99.14 (or 1.99.13, for 
that matter) supposed to work?

I have Qt 5.15 on FreeBSD, and both 1.99.13 and 1.99.14 segfault when I try to 
use *any* plugin (except Scheme).
GDB shows that the problem has to do with libQt5Core, more specifically with 
the use of Qt pipes. This problem did not occur with Qt 5.14.

and then

In any case, I downgraded Qt to 5.14, recompiled, and now plugins work in 

So something seems to have changed in Qt 5.15 with respect to pipes, at least 
for FreeBSD.

On 11/14/20 9:07 AM, Massimiliano Gubinelli wrote:
I can add that building with Qt5 works fine in my machine and as far as I know 
also for Joris and Denis (always on Mac). So there should be something 
different going on on your specific setup.

On 14. Nov 2020, at 15:04, Massimiliano Gubinelli <m.gubinelli@gmail.com> wrote:

The -isysroot option should come from Qt, gathered by configure from the qmake 
output. Probably Qt5 was build with 10.11 sdk. I'm not sure. However 
independently of what is your running OS I was meaning that the headers of Big 
Sur should have changed, because there is no such problems with SDKs from 
previous systems (e.g. Catilina).

To investigate the issue you can use a very simple Qt application and try to 
build it with qmake to see which headers are used. As I said, the error 
messages you get seems to come from changes in the headers which cause symbol 
clashes in TeXmacs. We had this kind of issues before due to the fact that 
various libraries might have incompatible #define


On 14. Nov 2020, at 14:45, Pierre-Henri Jondot <phjondot@gmail.com> wrote:

Again : I am still running catalina too… but it seems that the configure step 
when building with qt 5 had problems… configure chose to build with 10.11 sdk 
(with -isysroot directive) by default which fails. It is possible to build with 
qt 5, but for that to succeed, I had to change quite a few paths in makefile.

I haven’t explored Darcy Shen suggestion to use CMake instead yet, but it might 
be another way out.



Le 14 nov. 2020 à 14:31, Massimiliano Gubinelli <m.gubinelli@gmail.com> a écrit 

I might add that on Catilina (MacOS 10.15) TeXMacs compile fine with Qt 5 (e.g. 
5.9 or 5.15). Maybe something is changed in Big Sur (MacOS 11) at the level of 
the include files and this makes compilation fails. For the moment I do not 
want to update my machine so I cannot indagate further.


On 14. Nov 2020, at 13:28, Pierre-Henri Jondot <phjondot@gmail.com> wrote:


We exchanged a few mails with Max, and the conclusion is that the problems I 
had were the result of trying to build TeXmacs with qt5, which is possible it 
seems, although not yet supported and a bit of a pain, as it seems to really 
confuse the configure step. I think the instructions on the website regarding 
compiling TeXmacs from the sources should be edited to advice compiling with 
Qt4 and not Qt5. (No version is suggested there, which led me to believe the 
current version of Qt was the expected one, or at least as good as the previous 



Le 14 nov. 2020 à 09:03, Massimiliano Gubinelli <m.gubinelli@gmail.com> a écrit 

That is strange. Building on mac is usually ok for me, with homebrew for 
example. Which Qt do you use? Can you post the compilation invocation for 
mac_app.mm? (some few lines before the error message)


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