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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Version 1.99.14

From: Massimiliano Gubinelli
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Version 1.99.14
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 09:38:54 +0200

I was coping selected parts of a PDF (copied via the rectangular selection tool). I was not aiming to copy content, but only pictures. The observation is that the paste give an image with not the same "crispness" (resolution?) of the original. If I create a new document with the selected are (in Preview) and then Instert the new document, the resolution is correct. So there are workaround but I wonder why the resolution is lowered in the copy, somewhere there should be some hard coded value which is not appropriate.


On 22. Oct 2020, at 18:52, TeXmacs <texmacs@lix.polytechnique.fr> wrote:

On Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 12:40:57AM +0800, Darcy Shen via Texmacs-dev wrote:
  Let us fix it before the release of TeXmacs 1.99.14.

I don't consider it to be very urgent that images can be copied from Pdf files,
although this would be nice of course.  Copying from Pdf files does not yield
very nice results anyway; formulas are a mess, for instance.

Copying and pasting from Html pages is another matter; this should work better,
because the format is already structured.  In this case, the main trouble
comes from modern Html that may heavily rely on Css.

Best wishes, --Joris

  ---- On Thu, 2020-10-22 23:38:50 TeXmacs<texmacs@lix.polytechnique.fr>
  wrote ----

    On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 10:57:04AM +0200, Massimiliano Gubinelli wrote:
I just noted that cut and paste of parts of PDF documents (e.g. from
Preview app) to TeXmacs produce inserted images with a lower (and
bad) resolution. Is this a known bug?

    I don't manage to copy and paste images at all.
    But ordinary text does copy and paste well.

    Best wishes, --Joris

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