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[Texmacs-dev] What does "std-warning, resynchronizing for path" mean?

From: Karl Hegbloom
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] What does "std-warning, resynchronizing for path" mean?
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 23:21:01 +0000

I'm working on implementation of clipboard-cut and clipboard-paste for zotero citations and for parts of them... When I disactivate the zfield tag and then select and cut subCite's of a citation field that has multiple citations in it, my program constructs a zfield from those subCites, which can then subsequently be pasted into the document.

Cut and paste for the case of a selection that has one or more entire zcite fields in it is working fine. When I paste them back in, everything works fine.

But when I paste, into the primary document, the constructed zcite field formed by the clipboard-cut of one or more zsubCite's from inside of a disactivated zcite, when it is initially displayed, I see in red "bad case", and errors begin printing on the console like this:

    TeXmacs] std-warning, resynchronizing for path [ 0, 4, 0 ]

When I disactivate then reactivate that zcite, the "bad case" goes away, but the "resynchronizing for path" errors continue to be printed with every key-push while I type, from then on.

https://github.com/KarlHegbloom/zotero-texmacs-integration/tree/branch-v1.2a-next-wip  is where I'm working.

What does that error mean? It is printed only from the top of edit_typeset_rep::typeset_exec_until (path p) in src/Edit/Editor/edit_typeset.cpp, and I notice that it prints nothing unless "DEBUG_STD" is set, and that the only action that was taken previously was "apply_changes();" which is now commented off. And so, there's a warning printed, but nothing is ever done about the condition it reports, and everything apparently works fine even so.

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