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[Texmacs-dev] Update: Modifications to Texmacs Python Plugin To Accommod

From: David E. Miller
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] Update: Modifications to Texmacs Python Plugin To Accommodate SymPy LaTeX Output
Date: Sun, 19 May 2013 04:07:37 -0400
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Attached is a TeXmacs file that documents the latest efforts of the required modifications to the existing Python plugin required to adapt this plugin to a dedicated SymPy plugin. Also attached is the existing Python plugin file tm_python which I have modified to accommodate SymPy LaTeX output to TeXmacs.

It might also be possible to use what I have done so far and merely modify the existing Python plugin to accommodate SymPy LaTeX output which is what I have accomplished here while preserving as much of the original Python plugin code as possible.

TeXmacs user Bill Eaton first brought the attention of users to this issue and several replies seemed to favor some accommodation for his goal. Personally I am not sure I will ever use this feature if it is brought to fruition, but the challenge sort of got under my skin, so I gave it a go and the results of what I was able to accomplish so far are attached. There are probably some sharp Pythonists out there that can see this through from here. Sorry, but I am not in that category, as my Python programming skills are not that sharp.

My input to those that follow is that the best solution is to modify the existing Python plugin instead of creating a new one dedicated to SymPy. If someone can figure out from what I have done how to distinguish SymPy LaTeX text string objects and plain old Python text string objects when the output to TeXmacs is composed, then I think this is all that stands in the way. This is clear if you read the attached TeXmacs file with the included Python/SymPy session. The output is consistent with what we expect when using TeXmacs.

David Miller

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