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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Daydreaming: TeXmacs as a web app

From: Miguel de Benito Delgado
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Daydreaming: TeXmacs as a web app
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 02:56:26 +0100
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QT already did most of the work:


And Google states the environment is POSIX like, so building guile / your favorite Scheme and a couple libraries ought to be achievable.

Then all we need is the *definitive concurrent tree editing protocol* (I guess Joris would like that!), a reasonable server infrastructure to support it, and then TeXmacs would run in any computer with a chromium / chrome browser and be killing killer apps for a while.

Good bye, conventional plugins, though. I don't think communication out of the sandbox provided by the browser would be easy or even allowed. Hello, remote plugins! Tap the power of some grid, from a web browser, no installation required!

Wow, now this is daydreaming... Oh, wait, it's 2:56 am...

Good night,

Miguel de Benito Delgado wrote:
Check out Google's Native Client:


Their tutorial shows how to communicate between C++ code and Javascript with a few lines:


The infrastructure is mostly already there in TeXmacs, right?

"All" that is needed is an HTML5 / Javascript frontend and the corresponding TeXmacs plugin for the user interface, plus compiling all of the scheme code into the bundle, which should be easier now that Massimiliano has decoupled the scheme interpreter.

Well, that and quite a lot of work... Volunteers?? X-DD

Miguel de Benito.

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