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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Kerning Bug

From: Gubinelli Massimiliano
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Kerning Bug
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 12:26:37 +0100

Hi Aleksander,
 this is an interesting issue. From my point of view if this affects the 
display negatively we should  try to take kerning into account also for 
punctuation (for example for commas after words). But i'm not in position to 
tell you if any modification would affect some other parsing the TeXmacs is 
doing. Could you describe more your understanding of the relevat code (or 
simply give me pointers to the relevant functions) so that I can dig a bit on 
the problem.


On Mar 6, 2012, at 8:16 AM, Aleksandr Dobkin wrote:

> As I was reviewing the display of the Times (URW Nimbus Roman) type in 
> TeXmacs, I noticed quotation marks were not being positioned correctly. It 
> turns out TeXmacs breaks up words up by whitespace and punctuation marks and 
> runs the ligature-kerning algorithm on individual words only. However, this 
> means that if a punctuation mark occurs next to a letter, it will not be 
> kerned.
> The problem is in the function text_language_rep::advance() in the file 
> System/Language/text_language.cpp.
> The simplest way to fix this bug would to count punctuation marks as being 
> regular text. Is there a problem with this approach?
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