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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Qt TeXmacs-, Qt-4.6.3 compilation error

From: Andrey G. Grozin
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Qt TeXmacs-, Qt-4.6.3 compilation error
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 11:08:23 +0600 (NOVT)
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On Wed, 10 Nov 2010, Gubinelli Massimiliano wrote:
Sometimes is guile which causes problems. Have it been compiled with the same flags? Does it work?

Can you try to debug the startup of texmacs to see where it crashes?
TeXmacs configured with --disable-qt and compiled with -march=core2 works fine. This crash must be Qt-related somehow. By the way, I've just updated Qt to 4.7.0; nothing changed. Other Qt (and kde) applications (compiled with -march=core2) work fine.


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