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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Coding guidelines

From: Miguel de Benito Delgado
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Coding guidelines
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 18:40:32 +0100

Well, if you configure your editor for 2 column-wide tabs, which I think is the standard, it should look nicer. I also think both Joris and Massimiliano use spaces instead of tabs, so you might want to change that setting too.
Miguel de  Benito.

2010/11/8 Zou Hu <address@hidden>
Hi all,
I'm curious about a strange thing in TeXmacs source code: even in the same source file, in some lines tabs are used for indentation, but in the other lines spaces are used for indentaion. This makes the source code look a little ugly.

On 2010-11-07 22:32:00,"Joris van der Hoeven" wrote:
>Hi all,
>In reply to Miguel's request for our coding guidelines:
>as far as Qt is concerned, best is to follow Max' style
>as much as possible, ..., except when it comes to spacing ;^)
>Indeed, in an 80-columns wide Emacs editor, very long lines
>are not very nice, and it would be best to follow Emacs'
>conventions for indentation. I personally also avoid
>unnecessary whitespace, and use as much as possible
>the following kind of spacing:
>    int i= 123; // no space before =, but one space after
>    if (a == b || b == c)
>      blah_blah (); // no need for {, }
>    result= f (x, y, z) + c; // space before ( but not after,
>                             // space after , ) but not before.
>    /************************ ... **
>    * Block of explanations
>    ************************* ... /*
>Miguel: But, as Max suggested, please submit such cosmetic changes
>in separate patches. If you have an account on Savannah,
>then please give me your ID, so that you can commit directly
>to the SVN server.
>Best wishes, --Joris
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