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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Bug with file names with special characters + solution

From: Gubinelli Massimiliano
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Bug with file names with special characters + solution (QT)
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010 00:49:52 +0100

In fact is á which poses problems. Apparently there is a bug in utf8 to cork coversion.


On 7 nov. 2010, at 00:35, Miguel de Benito Delgado wrote:

On Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 23:54, Gubinelli Massimiliano <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Miguel,
 could you be more specific on the difficulty you encountered? I've tried to open files with names like üöàéàî.tm and it works fine.

  1. Start texmacs
  2. "Open file"
  3. Navigate to a folder with "á" in it, or open a file with that character in its name.
  4. Nothing opens. An error message displays on the status bar: "Error: file bláblá.tm not found."
 It has to be some problem with the encoding, either of my filesystem, which is whatever Apple saw fit choose for my iMac, of QStrings, which are Unicode I think, or, well... you know. Thing is the scheme code is passing the file name to open in the wrong encoding and calling scm_quote() on a utf8 string seems to solve/hide deeper the problem.

And now that I think of it, this has been going on for some time now, not only on the Mac port. I used to run WinTeXmacs on WinXP ( I think, can't check right now) and It would always refuse to export pdfs or ps to folders with áéíóú in them. But this was some time ago and I can't be more specific or even be sure about it. Sorry.

I do not fully master texmacs internals to tell you about encodings. As far as I understand strings are internally mostly encoded in ec (cork) with escapes for the form <XXXX> (this is called texmacs universal encoding) if I'm not wrong. There is part of the documentation which treats the source code. Some it is outdated but it will give you an idea of the main internal structures. 

Ok, I'll do some reading when I have the time. Thanks,
Miguel de  Benito.

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